Maybelline Better Skin Powder Review

Maybelline Better Skin Powder Review

*I was sent the Maybelline Better Skin powder in a VoxBox from for testing purposes, all opinions are mine.*

Once I received the product I couldn’t wait to try it! I was sent the Nude Beige color and it matched my skin quite well, which I was very surprised about. I love the packaging of the product, it is small enough to fit where needed but the mirror was also the perfect size to see where you are applying the make up.

While applying  the make up, all I could think was “wow this is good”, it covered all of the blemishes and dark circles under my eyes without having to use concealer!

The coverage was perfect, and I thought the product was absolutely perfect but then the area around my eyes started to itch and burn, I took the make up off because I thought it was irritating them which was weird since I had never had an reaction like this before. The next morning when I woke up with one eye swollen shut. I didn’t think that it was caused by the make up at first so I took some Benadryl and went about my day without wearing make up just so nothing else would irritate the area. A few days later it cleared up and I decided to try the product again, well it was definitely the make up that I was having a reaction to. I ended up having to go to the doctor about the allergic reaction and was put on a steroid pack. I am starting to feel better after being on the meds for a few days. I will not be using this product again.


*I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*



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