It’s been awhile.

It’s been awhile.

I haven’t posted here since March 29, 2017, over a year ago. A lot has happened in a year.

I was diagnosed with a General Anxiety Disorder in May 2017. I was accepted to participate in another Disney College Program in September 2017. I graduated with a degree in Communication in December 2017. I moved to Florida in January 2018. I have been working at Walt Disney World since January 26th. I am currently a Haunted Mansion Maid in the Magic Kingdom.

I have met so many amazing people here and some not so great. I have made friends that I will never forget. That is one thing that really sucks about the DCP, you meet these amazing people and after working with them for a few months, the odds of ever seeing them again are very small. Every time someone leaves the Mansion the tears start to fall and I realize how much it just sucks.

I have realized how much I suck at blogging and vlogging. I am extremely inconsistent, simply because I don’t think anyone will care about what I have to say.  I want to get better at it, I genuinely do because I think this could be some kind of outlet for when I am stressed or when I am going through an anxious period. I would like to better myself in so many ways.

It’s really hard sometimes to put down on paper what you want to say. So if it’s jumbled just know that this is coming straight from my brain to computer. I don’t want to edit things to make it seem like I have my life together, because we all know that is definitely not the truth.

All in all, wow that sounds like I’m writing some English paper that I definitely didn’t bullshit my way through. BUT ANYWAYS, I love each and everyone of you reading this. So there’s that. ALSO, if you have any topics you would like me to write about, let a girl know. Send me a DM, an email, an owl. hello Harry Potter.

Alright, back to the Disney bubble I go because home girl has to be at work at 11am tomorrow morning.

Mkay, Bye.

Catch Up Post

Catch Up Post

hey ya’ll, how are ya doing?

I know it’s been awhile since my last post but life has been a bit crazy and this is actually the first time I have even been on my computer in a solid 2 months! Crazy I know, but I have missed writing random things down so much! So I figured I would do a little catch up on my life post! Hope you enjoy!

Let’s start with school. I can finally say I am officially a Senior in college at Mississippi State University. I passed all of my finals and even ended up with a C in Spanish 3, not really sure how that happened but hey, I’ll take it! No complaints from me on that one considering I was failing the class when I went to take the final. I guess pulling all nighters to study really do help, so there ya go kids, take that however you would like. Starting in August I will be taking 3 face-to-face classes and 2 online classes, so I can continue to work at The Biscuit Shop here in Starkville!

So far this Summer has been pretty eventful. My mom and I went on a vacation together for the first time since I was 8, so that was a lot of fun. We went on a Carnival Cruise to Cozumel and Progresso. A lot of things happened on that Cruise, if you would like a separate post on that let me know! I have tons of pictures that I would love to share with you! I can tell you one thing, it was AMAZING.

I made a kinda big “adult” decision this past week, I adopted a kitten from the local animal shelter. I named him Ash and he is the cutest kitty in the world. I love him more than anything. He loves to play with other animals and loves to cuddle. He gets Hangry too, so I guess that just means he was meant to come home with me because we are able to relate about that A LOT. lol

In just 3 days my best friend who I met while doing the Disney College Program is flying to Mississippi to stay with me for 5 days! We are going to Memphis for the weekend and I cannot wait! I’ll be posting A LOT on Snapchat so if you do not already follow me, I will leave all social media accounts at the bottom of this post!

I hope every single one of you are having a great summer! Let me know what you are doing for fun!

SnapChat: marygc12



I have some ideas for new posts but if you would like anything specific let me know!