An Open Letter to One Direction

An Open Letter to One Direction

I just want to start with a simple thank you. The last 5 years have been amazing, you have changed my life without knowing it. You have been here through the good and the bad. So once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You have done so much for me without even knowing it. From connecting me with the best friends I could have ever imagined to just being that shoulder to cry on. The music you have created over the last 5 albums have saved me more than you will ever know.

You have created this family that I never knew I would be able to have. You brought millions of us together while just being yourself and that is all I could ever ask for.

I met my best friend on Twitter because of you, and to this day I don’t know how I would survive days without her, so thank you.

I have been able to be myself more because of you and this family that has been created, I was always scared to do that because I didn’t want to be judged as that 22 year old who listens to One Direction, or that person who would fly to another state for 1 day just to see you live. But with the support of this family that has been created by you I don’t feel the pressure to be something I’m not and that is probably the best feeling in the world.

I feel like I am rambling like crazy because there is so much I want to say to you and I just don’t know how to put some of these emotions into words. It’s hard when you have that one group that has changed your life forever but they will never really understand that at all.

I know I talk about this family that was created because of you a lot. That is what I see most of us as. We are more than just fans of some band, we have come together to do amazing things, we are a family. Of course there are some crazies, but every family has that crazy uncle, that we have to put up with.

I don’t even know where this is going anymore, so I’ll leave this here, for you to read.

I hope you have a good week and please come back soon. I miss you more than you will ever know.



5 Reasons why One Direction Should Have Been A Part Of The Grammys.

5 Reasons why One Direction Should Have Been A Part Of The Grammys.

It has been 5 years. These boys (MEN) have grown so much musically, vocally, lyrically and dare I say it physically. I believe they should have been asked to at least perform this year, and I wish they were nominated, Made in the A.M. is everything. Yes they are on a break, but hell, I think they would have come back for one night to PERFORM at the Grammy’s.

When Zayn left in March of 2015, so many people said that they would never make it without him, but on July 31st at 1 a.m. I was in a hotel room in Indianapolis, the night before my OTRA show. Drag Me Down, the first single without Zayn was dropped out of no where. No one expected this to happen and what happened? Within one hour this song was #1 in over 82 countries. No promo, just a single tweet of an iTunes link from Liam Payne to start the frenzy.

Made in the A.M. was released on November 13, 2015. The first album without Zayn. This album debuted at Number One on the UK Album Charts and Number Two on the US  Billboard 200.

What happened to the boys not making it without Zayn? They killed it. I feel as if this album is the most important to these four. They have even said that in interviews. With this album they had more creative freedom than they had with the previous four. The lyrics for these songs have real meaning behind them. They spent countless hours in an actual studio recording this album, they stayed up late writing these songs, hence Made in the A.M.

These four needed to be at the Grammy’s this year. They have proved it on so many different levels. They have come so far from What Makes You Beautiful. If I could change anything that has happened, it would be that they were on that stage last night singing their hearts out.

So lets start this countdown.

5. HISTORY. This song means everything to the One Direction Fandom. It is our anthem. It is that one song that will make you cry and smile all at the same time. The video alone made me cry in the union at school in front of so many people that probably thought I was insane. Just picture this: Niall, Louis, Liam and Harry standing on the Grammy stage, looking amazing, singing History. They would have gotten so into it and it would have stolen the show for me. It would be all I would talk about tomorrow and the next day and probably the next year. Let’s be real here. Anytime they sing History it breaks our heart just a little bit, but in a good way… Right?

4. Red Carpet Pictures. When have those boys not taken a good red carpet picture? We need new Red Carpet pictures.. I know I am dying from not seeing these boys on the red carpet. They never cease to amaze me when they step out of the car. I know Harry’s fashion choices are little questionable at time (IKEA couch fabric I’m talking about you), but I swear that boy does no wrong.

3. Excitement. Their reactions to everything that is happening around them at award shows gives me life. It never fails that one of them will do something so inappropriate and it makes the other three laugh so hard. Definitely makes for amazing GIFs

2. Acceptance Speeches. When they win an award, the acceptance speech always makes me laugh. Whether it is Harry having to run up and ask what award they won because he was in the toilet when it was awarded or Liam being cut off from speaking or even when Louis and Niall take the piss out of everything. It is the best part of any award show for me.

1. ¬†They deserve it. I am not just saying they “deserve” a Grammy because I have been here since the beginning, I am saying this because they genuinely do deserve a Grammy. These four boys have been through one hell of a year, loosing one member of the band and STILL finishing that tour. Which I have to say OTRA was the best tour these boys have ever done. They have grown so much these last five years. They are writing more and the songs have meaning behind them. They know just what to say to show that they are here for us even when they don’t realize it.

I am not going to go fangirl crazy and flip out over them not being there this year, but I will say One Direction is not over, this is NOT the end and they WILL be back. I have faith that these four will have a Grammy. Niall will post a picture on Instagram of his TV at home and to the side of it you will be able to see that Grammy. He will show it off with pride.

I cannot wait until this day happens..

When will it happen? Maybe next year? Maybe the next? I don’t know the exact year but I do believe that it will happen.

Until then, in the famous words of Mr. Harry Styles,

“All the Love”